Deposit Cover

Make provision now to get assistance towards a deposit for a new vehicle if your vehicle is stolen, hijacked or damaged beyond economical repair.

What is Kia Platinum Deposit Cover?

If your vehicle is under finance and you happen to have the unfortunate experience of it being stolen, hijacked or damaged beyond economical repair in an accident, you will want to be able to replace your vehicle, and will most likely be in a position where you will need to raise a deposit to secure finance for the new vehicle.

The Kia Platinum Deposit Cover policy will ease this burden by paying you a percentage of the sum insured on the policy to put towards the deposit of a replacement vehicle.

(Note: the Kia Extended Warranty is not an extension of the manufacturer warranty and has certain exclusions and limitations)

What are the benefits of the Kia Platinum Deposit Cover?
  • A percentage of the sum insured of the policy will be paid out if your vehicle is damaged beyond economical repair, stolen or hijacked.
  • The policy premiums are debited from your nominated bank account on a monthly basis, so no big upfront payments are required.
  • The policy can be cancelled immediately if you sell the vehicle or if it is traded in.
  • Terms and conditions¬†do apply
What is covered by the Kia Platinum Deposit Cover?
  • When your vehicle has been stolen or hijacked and not recovered within 6 (six) weeks of the date of loss, or if it has been damaged beyond economical repair, a percentage of the sum insured on this policy will be paid towards a deposit on a replacement vehicle.
  • This amount includes the invoice purchase price of the vehicle including its accessories, but excluding any interest, insurance premiums, fees or charges or other amounts included in the price.