Warranty Booster

The Warranty Booster runs concurrently with the manufacturer warranty and covers selected exclusions from the manufacturer warranty.

What is Kia Warranty Booster?

The Kia Warranty Booster covers selected exclusions from the manufacturer warranty for a defined period of time or mileage and may add additional benefits to the manufacturer warranty. This is done by extending the manufacturer warranty mileage and benefits. This warranty will run concurrently with the manufacturer warranty.

(Note: the Kia Extended Warranty is not an extension of the manufacturer warranty and has certain exclusions and limitations)

What are the benefits of the Kia Warranty Booster?
  • Financial peace of mind- your vehicle will be protected against certain mechanical and electrical malfunctions not covered by your service or maintenance plan, such as engine or gearbox failure.
  • It may also maximise your re-sale value, as warranties are transferable to the subsequent owner of the car.